Antechinus C# Editor Simplifies and Expedites .NET Development

Antechinus C# Editor Simplifies and Expedites .NET Development

C Point released Antechinus C# Editor 6.0. This visual development tool lets you design, edit, compile, and run Windows and Web programs.

  C# Editor 6.0 introduces the Visual Forms tool that lets you design Windows forms and dialog boxes visually, by dragging and dropping buttons, text boxes, and other objects from the toolbar. The objects can be moved, sized, and aligned, and their properties can be specified via Visual Basic-style property sheets.

  Application skeleton files are created by using templates with properties that you modify. You also can design your own templates and use them for automated code-completion.

  C# Editor lets you comment your code and references with running annotations with links to Web pages, documents, and applications that you can invoke with a single click.

  A fully functional evaluation copy is available from the C Point Web site. If you are new to C# programming, the Editor offers a set of tutorials, which guide you step-by-step through the features of the language.


C Point

Price: US$49.95

Web Site:


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