Android adds in-app purchasing

Google announced at a press event this week that mobile apps developed for the Android 3.0 OS will be able to accommodate in-app purchases.

The move will no doubt be a boon for content creators seeking more ways to monetize their apps on the Android platform, and should attract even more development—and downloads—to the Google environment. A post on VentureBeat breaks down the importance of in-app purchasing for mobile app developers this way:

In-app purchases, or the ability to buy stuff from within a running mobile application, have been a huge boon to the iPhone economy in the past year. In-app purchases allow mobile game companies to tap the free-to-play business model, where users play for free and then pay real money for virtual goods. That model has propelled companies such as Zynga to huge revenues and multibillion-dollar valuations on Facebook...Now it’s finally coming to the Android mobile ecosystem.

Google said the in-app purchasing feature will be available by the end of Q1.

Image Courtesy: TechCrunch

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