Altova Upgrades MapForce 2005

Altova Upgrades MapForce 2005

Altova announced the general availability of Altova software version 2005 release 3 (v2005r3), which features several significant enhancements to MapForce 2005.

 MapForce 2005 now supports EDI output and the ANSI/ASC X12 standard. Additionally, MapForce 2005 and other products within the Altova product line have been updated to include support for the latest versions of the W3C XSLT 2.0, XPath 2.0, and XQuery 1.0 specification working drafts.

  New in MapForce 2005. MapForce 2005 provides an interface for mapping any combination of XML, database, flat files, and EDI data. It converts data on-the-fly and auto-generates data conversion code in C#, XSLT 1.0/2.0, XQuery, Java, and C++ for use in custom data integration applications. Other enhancements include:

  • EDI Output: Enables the use of EDI files in the ANSI/ASC X12 and UN/EDIFACT standards as output targets of complex data mappings. This capability expands MapForce s previous support of EDI files as input sources.
  • ANSI X12 Standard Support: Provides full support for all the transaction sets covered by X12, the de facto EDI standard used in North America for electronic business transactions. Files based on the X12 standard can be used as both mapping sources and targets.
  • Extended EDIFACT Coverage: Supports EDIFACT configuration files for all years starting with 93a and ending with the most recent standard, 04b.
  • Unlimited Function Input Parameters: Allows the use of unlimited parameters in several data processing functions, such as concatenate, add, and multiply, when using MapForce s visual function builder.
  • Mixed Content Mapping Support: Accommodates mapping of mixed XML elements, such as text and sub-elements.
  • Accommodation of Null Values: Enables mapping of XML files and databases to use default values when sources have absent or null values, but targets must receive content.

  General Availability of Altova SchemaAgent 2005. SchemaAgent 2005 is a client/server-based, visual tool for modeling and managing complex schemas and their components in workgroups. Originally introduced as a feature within XMLSpy, SchemaAgent 2005 is available to all customers as a standalone product (it is also included in the Enterprise and Professional editions of the XML Suite 2005).

 SchemaAgent 2005 connects to a standard schema repository or to any schema collection on a file server, and makes all existing content models in a workgroup readily available for use in development projects. Developers can visualize and manage schema relationships, and construct complex schemas from smaller, simpler ones via SchemaAgent s graphical user interface. Optionally, it can be accessed from within the XML Schema View of XMLSpy 2005 Enterprise and Professional editions.

 Visit for additional information on what s new in Altova software version 2005 release 3.

 The updated products within Altova software version 2005 release 3 (XMLSpy 2005, MapForce 2005, StyleVision 2005, Authentic 2005, and SchemaAgent 2005) are available at 30-day free downloads are available from


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