Altova Announces Version 2008 Release 2 of its Software Product Line

Altova Announces Version 2008 Release 2 of its Software Product Line

Altova, creator of the XML editor XMLSpy and other XML, data management, UML, and Web services tools, announced the availability of Version 2008 Release 2 (v2008r2) of its line of software tools. The release of v2008r2 adds a host of new features and enhancements to Altova s product line, including support for working with very large files in XMLSpy, extended Office Open XML (OOXML) functionality across multiple products, support for creating Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) diagrams in UModel, and more.


Some of the new features and functionalities in v2008r2 include:

  • Very Large File Support. XMLSpy v2008r2 contains a number of advanced optimizations for very large file support, resulting in a reduction of memory-consumption by up to 75-80 percent compared to the previous version when opening and validating XML documents in Text View. XMLSpy users can now open and work with files that are about four to five times larger than those supported in the past, providing a huge benefit for developers working with large amounts of data in the context of database applications, financial services, data gathering, and enterprise data integration. In this latest release, XMLSpy v2008r2 also provides multiple features for optimizing XSLT development, including new entry helper windows and support for Java, C#, JavaScript, and VBScript in the XSLT 1.0/2.0 and XQuery engines. This enhanced functionality equips XMLSpy and AltovaXML users with the first universal XSLT engines to support all these programming dialects. XMLSpy s support for seamless integration with and code generation for Visual Studio has been extended in v2008r2 to include support for Visual Studio 2008. A complete list of new features is available on the Altova Web site.
  • Extended OOXML Support. With OOXML functionality already available in XMLSpy, Altova now expands that support across its MapForce, StyleVision, and DiffDog products.
  • MapForce v2008r2 supports the OOXML data format in Microsoft Excel 2007. Users can now map Excel 2007 data to and from XML, databases, text, EDI, and Web services, and then convert data instantly or autogenerate an application for recurrent transformations. As Microsoft customers continue to upgrade to the newest version of the Office suite, support for Excel 2007 will become an indispensable feature for sophisticated data integration projects and applications.
  • In StyleVision v2008r2, new OOXML support allows designers and developers to create stylesheets to publish XML and database data in Word 2007. StyleVision s drag-and-drop stylesheet design interface simultaneously generates output in HTML, PDF, RTF, Word 2007, and Authentic e-Forms, plus the corresponding XSLT stylesheets. Support for Word 2007 (OOXML) in StyleVision allows users to design stylesheets for an even larger network of users, and to prepare their designs for the growing number of users converting to OOXML now and in the future. In addition, Altova has reduced the price of StyleVision considerably to further ease the transition for developers working with the new OOXML formats.
  • For DiffDog v2008r2 users, detailed differences in OOXML file pairs and other ZIP archive pairs are now displayed. Users can perform extensive comparisons of OOXML files and ZIP archives, identify differences, and merge changes with accuracy and efficiency.
  • Expanded Modeling Capabilities. UModel v2008r2 now supports the Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN), allowing users to create BPMN diagrams to illustrate a business process prior to development. UModel s support for BPMN will aid users in developing, documenting, and implementing standards in large organizations or complex industries with many interacting business entities. UModel v2008r2 also includes updated code generation and reverse engineering support for Java 6.0, C# 3.0, and Visual Basic 9.0, including accurate parsing of new language constructs introduced in C# 3.0 and VB 9.0 that directly support XML. This added functionality makes UModel the first UML tool to support C# 3.0 and VB 9.0.
  • Access to Global Resources. Direct access to global resources is now available within XMLSpy, MapForce, StyleVision, and DatabaseSpy, providing increased integration between these tools. This new functionality will be especially useful for customers with multiple Altova products, such as those using the Altova MissionKit product bundle. Global resources support allows users to define, share, and access file, folder, and database resources across multiple projects and multiple software tools. This will allow MissionKit users to, for example, access and work with the output of a MapForce data mapping project as it is produced on-the-fly in XMLSpy and/or StyleVision. Countless other scenarios of tight integration between XMLSpy, MapForce, StyleVision, and DatabaseSpy are possible. Users will also be able to define a target deployment environment on-the-fly within XMLSpy, MapForce, StyleVision, and DatabaseSpy projects, specifying ancillary files, directories, data sources, databases, etc. This means a project can be thoroughly tested in multiple environments without having to be redesigned before it goes live. Support for global resources only adds to the numerous other productivity-enhancing features of the Altova MissionKit, which bundles up to eight Altova XML, data integration, and data management tools for less than the price of two.


These are just a few of the new features in Altova Software Version 2008 Release 2. More information is available at To download a 30-day free trial of any of the Altova products, visit


Altova, Inc.

Pricing : Version 2008 Release 2 of the Altova product line and the MissionKit can be purchased directly from the Altova Online Shop at The Altova MissionKit bundles up to eight Altova products for less than the price of two, with pricing starting at US$799. Altova recommends the purchase of its Support and Maintenance Package (SMP) with all software purchases. Learn more at

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