Advanced Host Monitor Version 6.04 Available

Advanced Host Monitor Version 6.04 Available

Advanced Network Software (KS-Soft) announced that its network-monitoring software, Advanced Host Monitor, is now available in version 6.04. Advanced Host Monitor is best known as an affordable solution for IT managers and systems administrators who must monitor the downtime, traffic, and efficiency of their computer networks. Several new improvements have been added to the software, including enhancements to the log analyzer reports, traffic monitor, macro variables, URL tests, and scheduling.

 This Windows-based software also includes Remote Monitoring Agents (RMA) for Linux, FreeBSD, and Solaris. RMA increases the security of the network, decreases network traffic, simplifies network administration, and allows monitoring of UNIX-based networks from Windows systems.

 Advanced Host Monitor offers 57 test methods, 28 alert methods, flexible action profiles, a report manager, and a log analyzer to ensure that network administrators are able to control the smooth functioning of computer networks, regardless of size. The Remote Control Console and Web Service allows IT technicians to control Advanced Host Monitor remotely; this feature also provides simultaneous access for several operators with different permission levels.

 A lifetime purchase price of US$799 includes unlimited free upgrades. Six to twelve months of free upgrades are included in the initial price of all packages (depending on edition purchased). Customer support is one of Advanced Host Monitor s main distinctions in that all user questions are answered within 24 hours; an online user support forum, provided by the company so users can assist one another, is also a beehive of activity.

 The software may be downloaded at; a free evaluation version is available, as well.



Price: Lite Edition, US$99; Standard Edition, US$175; Professional Edition, US$275; Enterprise Edition, US$399

Web Site:


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