Active Up Revamps ActiveUp.MailSystem

Active Up Revamps ActiveUp.MailSystem

Active Up released the latest version of their .NET e-mail component suite, ActiveUp.MailSystem. ActiveUp.MailSystem is a suite of .NET components that provides users with an extensive set of e-mail tools and features.

 ActiveUp.MailSystem provides full support for SMTP, POP3, IMAP4, and NNTP. It also provides extended support for MIME and S/MIME, OpenPGP, vCard and vCalendar, and Mail Merging. ActiveUp.MailSystem also provides anti-spam features.


New features in ActiveUp.MailSystem include:

  • SSL support (secure communications). Securing your communications is now as easy as using the ConnectSsl method (instead of the standard Connect).
  • S/MIME & OpenPGP support (encryption/decryption and signing of e-mails). Attached and detached mail signing is supported, which makes it possible to send and receive signed e-mails with little programming effort.
  • Asynchronous operations. Quickly and easily use non-blocking methods in your applications.
  • Anti-spam features. Built-in support for major block-list servers, including spamhaus, DomainKeys, and Bayesian filter.
  • Groupware (vCard and vCalendar) support. Fully PDI-enable your e-mail applications.


A fully functional 30-day evaluation copy is available from the Active Up Web site.


Active Up SPRL

Price: US$499 per single developer license

Web Site:


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