Software Bundling Agreement Simplifies XML Web Publishing

Quark, and Extensibility, announced a software bundling agreement that will let avenue.quark purchasers receive a trial version of XML Authority, Extensibility’s premier XML schema creation, conversion, and management solution. Quark’s avenue.quark lets users tag QuarkXPress document content and extract it into XML using a Document Type Definition (DTD) as the data structure blueprint. After you import the data structure into XML Authority, you can enhance the data structure or schema and convert them into all other major and emerging dialects. The business alliance creates flexibility for content interchange within companies and between business partners, letting users reuse QuarkXPress content on the Web and elsewhere. "The combination of avenue.quark and XML Authority fulfills the promise of XML for publishers to customize and repurpose their content on a large scale," says Reid Conrad, Extensibility president and CEO.

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