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SmartBear Software Releases LoadComplete Load-Testing Tool

SmartBear Software , a provider of software development and testing tools, has released LoadComplete, a new load-testing tool that aims to simplify and reduce the cost of load testing of web applications. The launch of LoadComplete is part of the SmartBear Quality Anywhere Platform, which also includes an automated code review tool, dynamic application profiling, automated functional testing, application life cycle management (ALM) tools, and web and mobile performance management tools.

Using LoadComplete, web development teams can quickly test the performance of a web application based on real usage scenarios, including pinpointing performance bottlenecks and tracking client- and server-side metrics that impact end-user experience.

LoadComplete's feature set includes configurable Quality of Service (QoS) thresholds to set performance acceptance criteria directly related to end user experience; automatic recording of user scenarios to create load tests without scripting; customizable load profiles to set up representative load variations for different periods of usage; a data wizard to easily expand tests with data sets corresponding to different virtual users; automatic server-side monitoring; and real-time graphical test reports.

LoadComplete is priced starting at $2750 for a one-year subscription; pricing is available by subscription or perpetual license. A full 30-day trial version is available. You can find a full list of features and a video overview here.

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