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SmartBear Announces New QA and Development Toolsets

SmartBear Software, a provider of tools for software development teams, has released two new toolsets— QAComplete and DevComplete—which support, respectively, QA and development teams, as parts of an application lifecycle management (ALM) solution. These tools, released with two new free tools, QAPlanner and DevPlanner, comprise SmartBear's ALMComplete product offering.

The new product releases are the initial fruition of SmartBear's strategy of "providing great tools to development teams," said Gottfried Sehringer, Smart Bear Software's CMO. This strategy, Sehringer said, results in products that are "easy to try, buy, and implement and much less expensive than the big names" in ALM products.

QAComplete is a new offering based on SmartBear's Software Planner ALM product, whereas DevComplete is focused on supporting development teams by giving them tools to manage and keep their project on time and communicate with their organization about the project. Both QAComplete and DevComplete are available as software as a service (SaaS) on-demand solutions and on-premises versions; additionally, a 30-day trial is available for each product. The products provide a growth path to SmartBear's ALMComplete offering, Sehringer said.

The free QAPlanner is a test-management tool for up to 10 users that provides a manual testing system and lets QA professionals manage their test cases. DevPlanner is a project management system for developers, available on an SaaS basis. For more information, or to get an SaaS trial version or register for the free tools, go to

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