When to Archive Content

When to Archive Content

Q: When Should I Archive Content?

by Stacy Wilson

Sometimes archival is the best way to surface what’s important

We typically recommend archiving everything that hasn’t been viewed in the prior 18 months. Content no one has even looked at in more than a year is a good candidate for archival.

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Set up an online submission for requests from site owners. They can use this to request the retrieval of old content they need moved into an active site.

In SharePoint, a separate site collection can be used for archival. Just make sure it is removed from the routine search. Create a special search center just for archival for site owners.

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Stacy Wilson, ABC, Eloquor Consulting, helps companies communicate more effectively with employees in the digital workplace. Her specialty is supporting governance, usability and content improvement for digital workplaces/intranets, along with change communication for technology change such as ERP implementations. Connect with her at LinkedIn or on Twitter.

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