What Do You Think? New Products and Addons Forums

Because I'm not "tied" to any one software vendor, I'm often asked what I think about products and addons for SharePoint. I'm lucky that I get to connect with a lot of our community, so I can benefit from the combined knowledge and experience of lots of folks.  It occurred to me that we all could benefit from each other's insight into the products that fill gaps and meet requirements related to SharePoint. So I started a new forum on Office and SharePoint Pro called Products and Addons.


Ideally, I'd like us to have one thread per product category, where we can discuss what solutions are out there, what roles they serve, what our experience has been with the products, and so forth.  I'll try to make sure that this forum provides as open, honest, and useful a discussion as possible.  I'm asking vendors to carry on human discussions with us about their products--they're welcome to post but not to just dump a replica of their site and marketing materials.  Most importantly, I want feedback from you the developers, administrators, and end users who have experience with the products.  Post about your good experiences and your bad ones (though please be civil--this isn't meant to be a "rant" forum).  Ask about products in categories that you are evaluating for 2008.  Let's start talking!

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