Speak Up, SharePoint Admins, Devs, and Power Users! Windows IT Pro and DevPro magazines host Community Choice Awards 2011

SharePoint admins and devs, we'd like to invite you to vote on your favorite SharePoint products in the Community Choice Awards sponsored by our sister magazines Windows IT Pro and DevPro. These awards allow YOU to decide what SharePoint products get chosen for acclaim and recognition.

First up is the nomination phase!

Here's how it works: Using the online form provided at the links below, enter the product/service name and company you'd like to nominate. Remember: A product needs only to be nominated once to be added to our final-voting list! We'll compile the list of entries on August 5, then open the formal voting process on August 10.

We reserve the right to move nominations into more appropriate categories if necessary.

Award Program Dates:

July 5 – Nomination period begins
August 5 – Nomination period ends
August 10 – Finalist voting period begins
September 7 – Finalist voting period ends

SharePoint administration products form (make sure to look beyond page 1 for Best SharePoint admin product).

SharePoint development products (make sure to look beyond page 1 for Best SharePoint dev product).

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