Skype for Web expanded while Chromebook and Linux users get IM capabilities

Skype for Web expanded while Chromebook and Linux users get IM capabilities

If you sometimes need to access your Skype conversations over the web then there is some good news for you today from Microsoft as they expand the Skype for Web (Beta) worldwide to almost 30 languages.

Gaining access to your Skype chats over the web just requires a visit to to get started.

"Skype for Web is an important step for Skype as we move towards implementing the technology to make Real-Time Communications (RTC) on the web a reality. But just as importantly, we’re doing it because the hundreds of millions of people that visit every month told us they want to call and IM when they visit our website. We know how critical it is for you to get to your conversations – and Skype for Web helps you get connected anytime."

Some of the features that have been integrated into Skype for Web in this beta:

  • Conversations sync seamlessly - contacts and conversations no matter what other platforms you use Skype on.
  • Easy searching - now search in a timeline view for past conversations or begin new ones.
  • Supports all conversation types - video, audio and instant messaging are supported via the web (IE, Firefox and Chrome - a plugin is required).
  • Notifications - get alerts right in your browser of instant messages and voice or video calls.

The worldwide roll out will take a few weeks to complete.

As for the Linux and Chromebook support - those platforms can participate in instant messaging sessions but audio and video calls are not supported via the web.

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