Skype Gets Prettier on Windows Desktop, Mac

Skype Gets Prettier on Windows Desktop, Mac

Another nice nod for us desktop users

For the past few weeks I've been using an updated version of the Skype desktop client for Windows, which has been redesigned for easier sharing and chatting. But the first thing you'll notice when you upgrade is that this new version of Skype—called Skype 6.2 and curiously still in preview form on Windows—is much prettier than older versions of the client. And it now closely resembles mobile versions of the app.

Skype for Windows 6.2 preview

Microsoft also updated Skype for Mac with similar functionality and look/feel. That version is out of preview and is called Skype for Mac 7.0.

"Both Skype for Mac 7.0 as well as the preview for the new Skype for Windows have been redesigned to make it easier to chat and share," Microsoft's Tom Huang writes in a new post to the Skype Garage & Updates blog. "If you're already using Skype on mobile, you'll recognize some of these changes. We've made the Skype experience consistent whether you are using your mobile device or your desktop PC. Now, you'll see thumbnail pictures of your contacts, a new bubble-style chat design, and consistent icons for chat, video calls and audio calls."

Skype for Mac 7.0

Here's what's new.

Improved chat. Skype chat is simply much prettier than it was before, with more spacing between contacts and chats, message previews for unread chats, and more.

Easier sharing. When you share file types like Office documents and PDFs, you'll see file icons displayed to make it easier to visually scan for and find different files in your chat history, Microsoft says. I've noticed that file sharing actually works now, which I think we can agree is a huge improvement.

Multitasking. You can now simultaneously share messages, photos or files while you're chatting via voice or video, without ever leaving your call.

Free group video calls. Finally available on the desktop.

Click here to get the preview version of the new Skype for Windows.

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