SharePoint Updates: PowerShell, Yammer, Governance, Office 365

SharePoint Updates: PowerShell, Yammer, Governance, Office 365

PowerShell, Yammer, Governance, Office 365--is 2014 going to be a repeat of the most-obsessed-over topics of 2013 in SharePoint land? Whether yes or no, we're liking these links.

SharePoint PowerShell Viewer - Gary Lapointe
You'll want to bookmark this.

It's an incredibly detailed, easy-to-use, clickable index of PowerShell cmdlets, courtesy of Gary Lapointe, SharePoint and PowerShell expert. Read more....

Starting Yammer Conversations from Documents Stored in SharePoint Online - Christophe Fiessinger
As someone who is using Yammer but is still looking for reasons why I should keep using it, I was attracted by Christophe Fiessinger's blog post at the Office 365 Team blog. He explains how and why you'd want to start a Yammer conversation for a document stored in a SharePoint Online document library. Read more....

SharePoint Governance Best Practice Defeat - Dan Holme
One of the more heavily commented articles on governance that we've ever seen. Read more....

Happy New Year from Office 365!
This slideshow from Microsoft of new Office 365 customers is surprising for several reasons. Will it tip you over the edge into joining the cool kids? Read more....

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