SharePoint to take center stage at Ignite 2016

SharePoint to take center stage at Ignite 2016

Those left feeling on-premise SharePoint didn't get its due last year might be rewarded in Atlanta

Microsoft has been cloud first, mobile first since Satya Nadella took the reigns, but does that mean on-premise SharePoint is last? Not at all, according to Jeff Teper, corporate VP for Microsoft's SharePoint and OneDrive for Business, who said to expect big SharePoint and Office 365 platform updates at Microsoft's annual Ignite conference in September.

He made the remarks in the 100th episode of the Office 365 Developer Podcast, as noted by Redmond Magazine's Jeffrey Schwartz.

Teper said that the SharePoint framework will be in the spotlight, as Microsoft releases some of the recently-announced "feature packs" for server-based installations.

"When I came back to the team I had a chance to think about what do we really have to do to make SharePoint better," Teper said, as Schwartz noted. "It's what made it great was embracing core collaboration, content management made up of building blocks -- Pages, Parts, Lists, Libraries and so forth, but we needed to modernize both applications, make it easier to use out of the box, make it run great on a phone, and modernize the development platform. We also need to leverage what people are doing in JavaScript and give people a simple answer for a RAD tool around PowerApps."

Office 365's platform, which is closely linked to how the new SharePoint features will work, will also receive a lot of attention, with the two technologies garnering 60 sessions between them.

Stay tuned here for updates on what's coming for SharePoint, both on premise and in the cloud, including exclusive coverage from Ignite.

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