SharePoint New and Improved Products Might Make You Love SharePoint A Little More

SharePoint New and Improved Products Might Make You Love SharePoint A Little More

SharePoint products in the news include a PDF forms integrator, a workflow solution, data visualization, and more.

What’s new and improved in the SharePoint ecosystem? Frankly, lots of solutions.

Here’s just a sampling of what hit our radar recently.


Workflow Goes Mobile

Made the switch to Windows 8? Nintex announced the availability of the Nintex Mobile app for Windows 8. With it, you can deliver workflow to mobile users, without having to develop specific applications for Windows 8.

Synchronization with Nintex Live is available for secure access to SharePoint. Learn more at Nintex.


Crawl, Analyze, Enforce, Repeat

How do you know what info lurks in your SharePoint environment? MetaVis announced MetaVis Informant, which can crawl unstructured data; analyze it; and enforce governance policies.

It does so no matter where the data resides – SharePoint or file shares. Learn more at MetaVis.


Access, Mobile-y

Hands tied by compliance requirements yet you need workers to be mobile? Accellion announced Accellion Mobile App for Good.

It lets your users review and collaborate on Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel files without having to leave the secure Accellion container.

See Accellion for more.



Embed, Dash It All

Users into visuals? Dundas announced Dundas Dashboard, a solution that helps users visualize native SharePoint lists and any additional databases. 

It also lets users embed dashboards into SharePoint pages.  

To learn more, see the demo at the Dundas website.



PDFs Are Pretty Darned Fun

Need PDF functionality in SharePoint? PDF Share Forms announced improvements to PDF Share Forms Enterprise 2.5.8 that include basic support for Dynamic Reader Enabled forms.

Users can now use PDF/XFA forms with dynamic layouts and digital signatures. To learn more, see the PDF Share Forms website.

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