SharePoint New and Improved Products: Early Midsummer 2013

SharePoint New and Improved Products: Early Midsummer 2013

What's new in SharePoint products? Plenty. This ecosystem is bursting with growth and activity. Here's the latest in SharePoint solutions we're seeing. 

We found some interesting solutions that work with SharePoint.

Here's a document classifier, a cloud backup solution, a real-time intelligence tool, and a user-driven content organizer.


Classify Documents Automatically into SharePoint

CVISION Technologies announced Trapeze eFiler, a software solution designed to automatically classify and route PDF files and image documents into network folders, SharePoint, and other document repositories. Built for high volume document processing, eFiler generates compressed, text-searchable (OCR) PDF files.

It uses advanced machine learning to improve upon classification results, learning rules based on an existing file system or SharePoint taxonomy. A classification system can alternatively be built automatically by analyzing documents in a single folder. For more information see CVISION.

Back Up SharePoint to the Cloud

KineticD announced that its KineticCloud Backup for Servers has been enhanced to protect all data associated with Microsoft SharePoint. It backs up SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint 2010 content databases, service applications, and search data leveraging Microsoft¹s native APIs.

Offering an agentless deployment and granular scheduling, KineticD sends incremental data changes and only transfers blocks that haven¹t been stored in the vault. Access to off-line (local) and online (remote) versions of files provide ongoing availability to digital assets.For more, see the KineticD website.

Real-Time Intelligence Tool

JackBe released the latest version of its Presto Add-On for SharePoint, which lets business users  assemble real-time intelligence using SharePoint Designer and combine data from multiple sources, lists, and queries into single, meaningful data visualizations. Users can access any live enterprise system, including those external to Microsoft products, such as ERP, CRM, and social media, to power real-time dashboards through SharePoint.  

In addition to FAST Search improvements, the Presto Add-On for SharePoint adds the ability not only to read from data sources but also to write back to them, and it supports advanced filtering of list items using Collaborative Application Markup Language (CAML) queries by advanced users. To learn more, visit JackBe's website.

Organize SharePoint Information

MetaVis announced its latest improvements to MetaVis Information Manager Enterprise User Edition. Deployed to the SharePoint 2013 or 2010 server, it lets a permissioned SharePoint user bulk copy, upload, download, and classify content directly from the SharePoint 2013 or 2010 ribbon. New enhanced options in the product allow users to move as well as copy and paste items and documents between SharePoint farm locations.

The tool gives users greater control to quickly add and classify content while still maintaining metadata permissions. It's security trimmed and only provides access to locations or items to which the user has permissions.To learn more, visit the MetaVis website.


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