SharePoint Links of the Week, Feb. 8, 2013

SharePoint Links of the Week, Feb. 8, 2013

This week in SharePoint brings links you'll never get around to reading. But here are some we actually did read. That doesn't mean we still don't occasionally feel like the red-shirt guy in Star Trek episodes. Meanwhile, we're curious about what your next SharePint brew will be--see the SharePoint Pro Facebook page.

SharePoint Table Goodness
Richard Harbridge's "SharePoint 2010 vs SharePoint 2013" post offers a table of differences between what devs, admins, and users get on SharePoint 2010 versus SharePoint 2013. 

Office 365 Hell
Andrew Connell reminds us that the bottom line in providing a product, whether SharePoint-related or otherwise, is not just the actual product but the customer service that comes with it. In "A Tale of Atrocious Office 365 Customer Support" he reports on his recent experience with Microsoft support with Office 365. 

SharePoint MVP Stats Someone Out There Must Care About
A snippet taken from the world of the SharePoint MVP, via forum statistics

Microsoft is TRYING, Damn It!
Microsoft released a Learning Roadmap this week for learning about upgrading to SharePoint 2013

Forrester Uses SharePoint Survey to Get Biggest Bang for Buck
Forrester's latest research report on SharePoint "SharePoint Enters Its Awkward Teenage Years" didn't make nearly as much splash on the Internet this week as the write-up at InfoWorld about it.  Might have something to do with $499 to read the former and $0 to read the latter.

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