SharePoint Intranet in 48: Related content

If you're interested in building a SharePoint intranet, check out Dan Holme's account of what he learned building one in 48 hours. See "A SharePoint Intranet in 48 Hours" here at SharePointPro.

After you read that, you might be inspired to try your hand at more building. Here are some quick reads to look at:

 Pick a Path for SharePoint: Upgrade, Rebuild, Migrate

SharePoint 2010 in the Cloud: 17 Risks to Consider

Top 5 Things Admins Can Do to Prepare for SharePoint 2010

But the main reason I posted this article was to point you to Dan's article. It's really something you might never end up doing, creating an intranet in 48 hours, but just knowing that it's possible is really cool.

That's why events like Iron SharePoint (where creating an intranet in 48 hours came about) are so useful. (Plus, I like Iron Chef. Though the odds of me creating a 5-course dinner using a secret ingredient of Mexican chocolate are far less likely than than me creating a SharePoint intranet in 48 hours.)

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