SharePoint Expert Spotlight: Todd Baginski on Microsoft TechEd 2014

SharePoint Expert Spotlight: Todd Baginski on Microsoft TechEd 2014

Today we're highlighting Todd Baginski, who is a frequent contributor on SharePoint Pro. Todd has worked extensively with mobile technologies and SharePoint integration, particularly with Windows Phone 7. He's also presenting at next week's Microsoft TechEd 2014 conference in Houston, Texas. Here's what Todd has to say about the upcoming show:

Todd Baginski
Todd Baginski

Hi Todd, can you tell SharePoint Pro readers a little more about yourself for those who may be unfamiliar?

TB: I'm an eight-time Microsoft SharePoint Server MVP and recognized as one of the top 25 SharePoint influencers. I also blog frequently at SharePoint Pro and with an emphasis on SharePoint, Office 365, Azure, mobile, and cloud technologies. I'm currently the vice president of SharePoint and Mobility at Canviz Consulting, where I lead our SharePoint and Mobility divisions.

BG: Can you tell us more about what you do at Canviz Consulting with respect to SharePoint?

TB: My team is currently the front-edge team for the Microsoft Partner Network website, which is Microsoft's largest SharePoint website. I am the lead architect for the front-edge team, and we are currently in the process of migrating to SharePoint 2013 and taking advantage of new features, such as Cross Site Publishing, enhancements to Variations, and Display Templates. I'm also working with Microsoft to create MSDN code samples and reference implementations that demonstrate how to convert full-trust code (FTC) to the new app model (AM). These samples and reference implementations will be available online and provide SharePoint customers with a great resource to learn how to transition to the new app model.

BG: TechEd is quickly approaching. What types of announcements would you like to see from Microsoft from the SharePoint/Office365 perspective?

TB: TechEd should be exciting this year since so many new cloud technologies and development tools are emerging. I'd really like to see some announcements regarding mobile and SharePoint integration because there's a high demand for more mobile SharePoint integration. We're seeing this demand from businesses of all different sizes in many different verticals.

BG: Can you wet our appetite on what to expect during your session with Michael Sherman on developing line of business (LOB) apps for Office, Office 365, Microsoft Azure, and Windows Phone?

TB: The session shows attendees a new class of scenarios and user experiences that can be accomplished through cloud-based technology and Apps for Office. Not only will you learn how to create these apps for a variety of Microsoft services and platforms, but you'll also learn how to supplement them with Office 365 SharePoint websites, Windows Phone 8 apps, notifications, Azure Web Sites, and SQL Databases. We both hope you'll be able to make the session, and we're going to be hanging out at the Microsoft pavilion on the Tech Expo floor if you'd like to come chat!

BG: Thanks so much, Todd. We really appreciate you taking the time to talk with us today!

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