SharePoint Encouragement on a Monday Afternoon

Build for your business to grow .

Miguel Wood, Microsoft Certified Master, SharePoint 2012

“Expect your architecture to grow. If it’s not growing, then your business has problems because IT’S not growing.”

“If you don’t build your SharePoint implementation to scale, you will PAY for it.”

Force business users to tell you what they need.

Steve Fox, Microsoft senior product evangelist, SharePoint

"You need to hold them to requirements. Hold them to requirements just as you'd build software and don't provide all access to data: you control access to data."

"We have a lot of PowerPivot entry points and that's how we publish it out. Filter it out based on requirements; force them to tell you what they need; don't open it up for security reasons."

Don't try to do it all at once.

Dux Raymond Sy, SharePoint MVP

"Look at business challenges and pick one thing at a time to address."

Don't try to go it alone.

Joel Oleson, SharePoint expert

"It's about community--no one person has all the answers. Get involved in a user group or other organization."

Keep SharePoint simple.

Errin O'Connor, founder of EPC Group, SharePoint author

"It’s important to follow site provisioning and permissions best practices. You can end up defeating the purpose of SharePoint if you have five sites that do the same thing or store the same documents. We try to ensure there’s an approval process to create sites."

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