SharePoint Agenda: Week of Feb. 24-28, 2014

SharePoint Agenda: Week of Feb. 24-28, 2014

What's coming up for our week in SharePoint? SPC14 preparations, Yammer guilt, performance appraisals, and more.

As I was getting my To-Do list ready for this week (or, to be truthful, avoiding getting it ready), I browsed the folders of documents and images I've kept over the years, and found among other things, an image about SharePoint’s genealogy.

The image is an infographic I'd saved a while ago. It came via SharePoint Sharon’s Connecting Dots post on SharePoint history from her old Joining Dots blog.

It’s a humbling, yet reassuring reminder  on a Monday morning, that none of this SharePoint/Web/Twitter/mobile/cloud/SAP/tablet/encryption/Photoshop/smartphone world sprang to life fully formed.

It all moved in fits and starts, steps and sprints, to where it is today.

And it’s going to keep changing.

Enough of the philosophizing—let’s move on to this week.

Yammer’s Nagging Me

Yes, I have been remiss in checking my Yammer account. I had such great intentions, and now the notifications come like pathetic nagging. Yammer's yet another THING I put off checking while I get to the “more pressing” tasks at hand.

Here are the Yammer resources I had collected to read. I'll read them--after I finish catching up on the Yammer posts I missed.

Information about SharePoint integration in Yammer - Microsoft Support

Integrate Yammer with on-premises SharePoint 2013 environments (white paper) - Microsoft TechNet

Yammer App for SharePoint & Office 365 : Tips & Tricks - MSDN blog

Why we picked SharePoint 2013 social over Yammer social for right now - Jeremy Thake

Disruptive Offer and An Analytics Tool

And I’ve got some briefings I attended that I’m pretty excited about. Now I just need to write up my notes.  One is on a daring—they call it “disruptive” offer from Metalogix around SharePoint backup, and the other is on BrightStarr and WebTrends web analytics for SharePoint intranets, extranets, and Internet sites. Stay tuned.

Create, Edit, Post, Stream

The editors, web content managers, and technical directors of SQL Server Pro, Windows IT Pro, Dev Pro Connections, and I are meeting for our weekly check-in about content.

This week, after we've run through all the upcoming e-learnings and articles, I predict Michael Otey will wax enthusiastic about the In-Memory OLTP Engine. Sean Deuby will talk identity and the cloud, and remind us yet again to use Lync 2013 for all phone calls. Rod Trent will update us about Microsoft TechEd 2014 preparations.

I’ll mention that for SharePoint Pro, we’ve just completed work on a SharePoint Security webinar coming March 19 with Ron Charity and Eric Riz. And I’ve got an article from a new writer on SQL Server 2012 and SharePoint I need to get vetted, and a BI article needs to get to the editor, and Todd Baginski’s latest blog post is coming, and—okay, you get the gist of it.


And, of course, getting ready for Microsoft SharePoint Conference 2014 next week! Flight, check; hotel, check; sessions, check; meetings with vendors, check. Can I cram in one more? Check. My color-coded calendar is a rainbow mosaic of Pacific time entries.


In the midst of article posting, editing, tweeting, website monitoring and tweaking, technology watching, and content creation, it’s also performance review time.  Every year my job description changes, sometimes in small ways, sometimes in drastic ways. I feel confident in assuming that that's the way it is for most people in technology these days.

Hope the week treats you kindly.  


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