SharePoint 2016: What's in It for Admins?

SharePoint 2016: What's in It for Admins?

A new video from Microsoft demonstrates the administration features that have been added to SharePoint 2016 RTM.

SharePoint 2016 has been released to manufacturing, with availability less than a month away. You've likely been kicking the tires of SharePoint 2016 since the release candidate, and have noticed the foundational changes made to the platform. Administrators, especially, will find a lot to like in SharePoint 2016, including improved provisioning and update management. Indeed, many of the changes to SharePoint were based on input from the community, via the User Voice site.

Microsoft has released a video demonstrating some of the new admin features. In a demo, SharePoint Senior Technical Product Manager Bill Baer provides a walk-through of the features that have been added since  January’s Release Candidate.

Check out the video, below, and let us know in the comments section what you are looking forward to--and worried about--in SharePoint 2016.




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