SharePoint 2016 Preview: Let the Countdown Begin

SharePoint 2016 Preview: Let the Countdown Begin

When will we be able to get our hands on the SharePoint 2016 Preview?

The room was packed as SharePoint stakeholders waiting for Microsoft Senior Technical Product Manager Bill Baer to take the stage at SharePoint Fest Seattle on Wednesday. During his keynote, Baer said a lot of things about SharePoint's evolution, the importance of mobile first and cloud first, and so on. We'd heard a lot of this before, but many in the audience wanted to know one thing: When will we be able to get our hands on the SharePoint 2016 Preview? According to Baer, that will happen before the end of the month--as promised.

Perhaps nothing Baer said got more of a reaction than his acknowledgement that, yes, the dog days of August are dwindling, and, yes, the team knows exactly how many days are left, but, yes, SharePoint 2016 Preview will be available before we turn the calendar page (figuratively these days) to September.

Baer also reiterated what many IT pros were hoping to hear about an on-prem or hybrid version of the platform: "2016 is representative of our commitment to SharePoint," and "SharePoint is alive, it's well, it's healthy, it's not going anywhere."

SharePoint Pro will be following the progress of the 2016 Preview closely, complete with reviews and galleries when it does come out. We invite our readers to weigh in as well. Let us know what you think as you put the 2016 Preview through its paces. Tell us what works, what doesn't, and what questions you have. If there's one point that's driven home any time I attend a conference like SharePoint Fest, it's that many hands make small work when it comes to evaluating a new platform and troubleshooting any problems that arise when new technology is tested and finally rolled out. Let me know what you're thinking in the comments section below or by writing me at [email protected]

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