SharePoint 2010 Deployment Calculator Helps Future-Proof Your Migration

When approaching a SharePoint migration, it's pretty overwhelming to consider all the contingencies that exist today and in the future, and then plan accordingly with a stable, optimized, and future-proof deployment. How do you ensure you're making the most of your migration, or that you're even ready to migrate?

Azaleos has created a tool called the SharePoint Sizing and Capacity Calculator to answer these questions. While Microsoft has created some excellent Exchange deployment calculators, there was, to date, no similar calculator for SharePoint deployment. (To learn more about Microsoft's Exchange deployment calculators, check out the Exchange Server Deployment Assistant and Exchange 2010 Mailbox or the Server Role Requirements Calculator.)

Below is an explanation from the Azaleos on how the SharePoint calculator works:

"The customer steps through an initial customer input page of 25 questions relating to their current and/or proposed usage plans for SharePoint. The input requests ranges for number of users, SharePoint version, planned MySite usage, deployment type, user quotas, use of Search, etc. The calculator then uses these answers to extrapolate and model n year(s) growth, sizing, and capacity frameworks for Content, Search, MySites, Foundation Services, Standard Server, Enterprise Server, and Administration."


SharePoint Calculator (click to enlarge)
SharePoint Calculator (click to enlarge)


The calculator is optimized for SharePoint 2010 deployments but will also work with 2007. The solution is included in Azaleos' SharePoint HealthCheck consulting service. According to the vendor, estimated costs for SharePoint consulting services are about $2,500 for a one-day assessment or $5,000 for a multi-day SharePoint HealthCheck. The calculator is now included as part of both services.

“Planning, deploying and configuring SharePoint farms and integrating them with existing IT infrastructures can be challenging for even the most experienced Microsoft administrators, given its large number of complex, inter-connected components, which include SQL Server, ASP.NET, and more,” said Scott Gode, vice president of product management and marketing for Azaleos. “The Azaleos SharePoint calculator is designed to help IT organizations correctly model SharePoint farms for current and future requirements. With this tool, customers can be sure they are deploying a robust collaboration and document management infrastructure that will deliver high availability and performance regardless of whether it is used as an internet, intranet and/or extranet system.”

To learn more about these services, visit the HealthCheck website or the SharePoint Sizing and Capacity Calculator page.


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