Share in the SharePoint Love: Gifts, Links, Bad News

Share in the SharePoint Love: Gifts, Links, Bad News

We see a lot of complaining about SharePoint on Twitter, and while we sympathize, we can't help but be thankful for the jobs that this complicated platform provides. That said, there's always something going on with SharePoint. Here's what we found this week.

SharePoint Gift Store
For the admin or dev who actually is grateful for what SharePoint has wrought, I mean brought, to his or her life, I steer you to the gift store for SharePoint. Brought to you by none other than

SharePoint Conference 2014 (SPC14) Lineup
In case you still need to be persuaded to go to Microsoft SharePoint Conference in March 2014, Microsoft has been putting out teasers and lists of sessions.(Really, now--is anyone still on the fence? Either you go, or you can't go and insist that it wouldn't be helpful anyway.)

SharePoint Sites of the Month: #11
In case you need a visual pickmeup for your jaded SharePoint nerves, here's a list of SharePoint sites. I have a soft spot (a very small one) for Central Michigan University and found it interesting to see them on the list.

SharePoint 2013 Doesn't Support Server Core Installation
Todd Klindt as usual finds an interesting way to inform us about SharePoint. In this case, it's somewhat bad news. But still.

SharePoint Per-Location View Default
I don't claim to understand what Cameron Dwyer is saying in this blog post, but I like how he takes the reader through his thought processes:
"I see no navigation tree. ....Is it because my Managed Metadata service has a problem… no.
Is it because I haven’t enabled the Enterprise Keywords column on this library… no.
Is it because my items don’t have any managed metadata columns… no...." He provides a lot of screen shots along the way that illustrate the situation well.

What links did you retweet or favorite this week? Send them our way in the comments. And remember: Stay calm and SharePoint on.

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