Share Everything: Using the New Skype Web-button

Share Everything: Using the New Skype Web-button

Microsoft today has started rolling out a new “Sharing” button across its MSN properties. The new button gives you the ability to share and web page with your contacts in Skype.

Once enacted, the new Skype sharing button launches a smaller browser window that connects to your online Skype profile and auto-generates content to share. You can add an additional message if you want and then deliver it to your selected contact over Skype IM.

Great feature? Maybe. However, Skype sharing is not like Facebook or Twitter where you share with an audience, but it’s more of a private sharing mechanism. You can select multiple contacts as well as single individuals.

The beauty of a web sharing button, in this case, means no need for a browser plugin, which is key for those who choose to use Microsoft Edge (which doesn’t yet support browser plugins).

P.S. Your Skype web sharing is recorded in your Skype history so that you can also review it in the Skype app.

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