Session 4: Workflows and Forms in SharePoint 2013

Presented by: Colin Spence & Ulysses Ludwig

Running Time: 90 min

In this session Ulysses will present SharePoint and it’s out of the box tools as an alternative to Visual Studio and ASP.NET applications. SharePoint’s out of the box features coupled with SharePoint Designer, InfoPath, and SSRS integration makes it a contender as an application host that rivals that of custom Visual Studio applications not to mention the upgradeability and application host benefits provided by SharePoint itself.

  • Application design “Lite” vs. Complex
  • Workflows: how far can go out of the box, vs SharePoint Designer vs Visual Studio vs Third Party
  • SharePoint 2013’s new “app” model
  • Comparing ASPX forms with InfoPath Forms
  • Mastering SharePoint workflows
  • Access Services – What can it really do and can I use it?
  • Third party tools overview: lessons learned
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