Session 3: Creating Data Centric Composite Applications using SharePoint Designer 2010

Presented by: Asif Rehmani

Running Time: 46 min

SharePoint Designer 2010 can be used to integrate data from a variety of sources into a single SharePoint composite solution. This session will demonstrate how the XSLT web parts in SharePoint Designer can be used for the task of retrieving data from SharePoint Lists, Libraries, Databases and Web Services. You will also learn about how to conditionally format the data. Then you will also see how data from multiple data sources can be connected to produce a unified view of related information. All without a single line of code!

In this session, you'll learn:

  • The XSLT web part is prevalent throughout SharePoint to expose data to the user. This web part can be highly customized using SharePoint Designer 2010 and further customized by site administrators directly using the web browser.
  • The XSLT web parts can show data from a variety of sources including SharePoint lists/libraries, databases, xml files and web services.
  • The data in XSLT web part can be conditionally formatted to present a customized view to the end user.

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