Salesforce Releases Connector for SharePoint and OneDrive

Salesforce Releases Connector for SharePoint and OneDrive

On Wednesday Salesforce announced the immediate availability of a connector for Salesforce that integrates the service with Microsoft's SharePoint application and service and OneDrive for Business.

The intent for the new connector is to enable Salesforce customers to natively embed files stored in SharePoint and OneDrive for Business into the Salesforce business processes. The integration allows customers to seamlessly browse, search, and share files located in the Microsoft built repositories in a single user interface. And, while Microsoft's services get the focus with this release, Salesforce is planning on releasing connectors for other popular repositories soon, including support for Google Drive.

Connecting to on-premises SharePoint installations (2010 and 2013) will cost $7 per user per month, but the connector for SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business is included with Salesforce Enterprise, Unlimited and Performance editions.

Learn more about the new release here: Salesforce Files

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