Q: I'm trying to run the Install or Update Lync Server System option from the Lync Server 2010 Deployment Wizard, but it's asking for the configuration store, which I don't have. How do I proceed with the installation?

A: If you're doing a basic Lync installation and are installing your first standard server, you'll be asked for the configuration store content when trying to run the Lync Server 2010 Deployment Wizard. However, you won't have the configuration store yet, nor any way to create it. Once you've run the Prepare Active Directory action (which you should have done already), you need to run the Prepare first Standard Edition server task and then the Install Topology Builder task. You'll now have a Lync Server Topology Builder application available, as shown here


  1. Start the Lync Server Topology Builder.
  2. Select the New Topology option and click OK.
  3. Select the file name to save the configuration under and click OK.
  4. Answer all the questions of the topology wizard and once complete run the Publish Topology... action.
You should now be able to continue with the Lync Server 2010 deployment steps.
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