My TechEd 2008 Sessions

I've been lucky enough to be selected to present four sessions and participate in a panel at TechEd this year.  My sessions are listed below.

PLEASE COME, particularly to the (very cool and new and different) sessions I'm delivering on Thursday and Friday. Two of my highest-rated sessions are the last two sessions of the entire event, so I'm imagining only crickets and janitors in the room... PLEASE COME!!!

Tuesday June 10

OFC370 Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, Business, and End-User Productivity: 2007 Microsoft Office System Applications as SharePoint Clients
Room N230

Capsule: Amazing things you can enable your end users to do with Office clients front-ending SharePoint (WSS or MOSS). Document libraries (Word/Excel), slide libraries, Outlook (wow!), Excel & Access. Great way to discover how to "sell" SharePoint and drive end user adoption, as well as how to leverage SharePoint for increased productivity & collaboration.

Thursday June 12

OFC55-TLC Ask the Experts: SharePoint Panel - Meet the SharePoint Consultants and Architects
Green Theater 1

SVR450 Reimagining File Share Security and Manageability
Room N230

Capsule: Deep dive into new features of WS2008 File Server role and (more importantly) learn to automate & provision & manage least-privilege security for resource access.  Get very cool tools to help you fully provision secure file shares. Learn how you can answer "who has access to ?" and "what does have access to?"

Friday June 13

SVR453 Role-Based Management: Extreme Makeover
Room N310 E

Capsule: Innovative and important session that presents the fundamentals, internals, processes, and technologies involved with implementing role-based management using Windows technologies. Very highly rated, unique session.

CLI459 Reimagining IT Administration and Automation
Room N320 A

Capsule: Highest-rated session at Windows Connections this year. Incredible tools, scripts, shortcuts, and tips for admins and for solving common challenges with Microsoft technologies.  The perfect way to finish off your week at TechEd.

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