Microsoft's Bill Baer Will Give the SharePoint Fest Keynote

Microsoft's Bill Baer Will Give the SharePoint Fest Keynote

SharePoint Fest is shaping up to be a "cloud-y" event.

Microsoft's go-to guy for all things SharePoint will be the keynote speaker at this summer's SharePoint Fest. Bill Baer, senior technical product manager at Microsoft, will discuss how the cloud is shaping the evolution of SharePoint, and how IT pros and developers can maximize their value by enhancing the value of their organizations' SharePoint installations.

SharePoint Fest is in his fifth year. The two-day conference, which takes place Aug. 18-20 in Seattle, brings together SharePoint enthusiasts and practitioners, as well as many of the leading SharePoint experts in the country.

Speaking of experts, Baer previously worked at HP, and has a background in infrastructure engineering and enterprise deployments of SharePoint products and technologies. Baer has also worked at Apple, First Data, DEC and Compaq.

What do you hope will drive discussion at the conference? Please let us know in the comments below.

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