IT/Dev Connections Conference: Experts Share Knowledge With Admins and Devs

As IT/Dev Connections draws ever closer, attendees will want to get a feel for the sessions and workshops that are available throughout the week. In order to give you a bit more insight, we're featuring the speakers and their sessions here, where you can click through this fun gallery and take a peek at the speakers we didn't mention in Part 1.

Not pictured here: Martina Grom. She has two sessions at IT/Dev Connections this year; the times and descriptions are available here: Martina Grom SharePoint Sessions

Check out the previous gallery of SharePoint IT/Dev Connections:

IT/Dev Connections Conference: SharePoint Experts Offer Help to Admins and Devs

The full list of sessions, including the dates and times of each, is on the IT/Dev Connections SharePoint Sessions page.


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