How to change your personal information in MOSS 2007

Submitted By: Siddharth Kale, Unisys Global Services India Ltd
Posted On: 10/11/2006



Remember how you had to scan through user information pages to get the correct display name. In MOSS 2007 this is more convenient. By default SharePoint will display 'domain\username' in the fields related to who was last participating in a document, list, survey, etc...

To change from 'domain\username' to show your actual name follow the instructions below:

  1. Log into the Portal
  2. Click the Welcome domain\username in the upper right hand corner
  3. A drop down menu will appear
  4. Click My Settings
  5. Click Edit Item
  6. Change your Name field and fill in any additional fields as necessary
  7. Click OK

To verify your name has changed look at the Welcome message.  It should say 'Welcome Your Name' instead of your domain\username.


Past Comments:
dove dove , 3/16/2007
This tip is not for Moss 2007 but for WSS v3 ! It won't work with Moss !

With Moss, you have 2 ways to modify profile information:
1- on the ssp edit profile page (ony for admins)
2- on my site, edit my profile
Tuan Nguyen , 1/31/2007
It is good tip. However, I could not get it to work. When I click on "Edit" item, it shows me "domainname\username" and it is uneditable. May be, I did not set any features on Central Admin ?
Babu Raj , 10/19/2006
Ganesh R , 10/13/2006
Yasir Attiq Butt , 10/12/2006
Hey When i tried to change the properties by going to that page. All the propreties are hidden from me except The system account. I dont have active directory installation. I think it will only work with Active Directory user profile ? right?
Vinoth Roy SB , 10/12/2006
Good one
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