Holographic SharePoint? Not Yet, But 3D Data Could Be Big

Holographic SharePoint? Not Yet, But 3D Data Could Be Big

Microsoft Research is having too much fun

I didn't realize 3D could transform until I watched my architect husband work with his new tool, SketchUp, after years of working in AutoCad. The 3D features have streamlined his design process and helped to make client meetings less about having to explain and more about sharing an experience of his designs. Working in 3D, I think, will transform the future of design and data, and other areas as well.

Microsoft agrees. In its Fire Hose blog, a recent post about the Holograph project at Microsoft Research sheds light on the company's work in data and 3D.

In a video in the post, David Brown, Microsoft Research scientist, demonstrates the project, called Holograph. It's an interactive 3D data-visualization research platform that can render static and dynamic data above, within, or below the plane of a display, so it appears to sit above or below the surface of the computer display screen.

"Natural user interaction" is what is coming down the pike, folks. As Brown says, "The way we interact with data is changing, progressing to three dimensional in-air gesturing." Can anybody say Kinect?

"We don't have holographic screens just yet," he acknowledges, but obviously, based on his demo, we have the ability to interact with a model or data in a way that appears three-dimensional.

I'm already seeing a SharePoint site with little Princess Leia holographic-like projections of people talking to each other (Yammer in 3D). Or maybe some Power BI graphs and charts that stand up in 3D and allow a closer look.

But maybe you’ve seen even more cool stuff—let me know! Comment below or go to our G+ page or our Facebook page and comment there.

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