Hands On: New Skype on Android (Screenshots)


Earlier this month, Microsoft released an updated Skype app for Android users.

At that time they called it the next generation of Skype and when you dive into the interface it is definitely carries a generational jump in its look and functionality.

The basic options for IM conversations, voice, and video based calls are all still there but the UI wrapped around those functions has a lot more color gradients and new icons however, there is one new feature that is most definitely aimed at the younger generation of Skype users.

This new feature, called Highlights, has all the elements that draw those younger users into apps like Snapchat and other social media services.

Users can create videos, share images, dress them up with ink and emojis and then share them with their contacts directly as a Highlight of their day, event, etc.

Contacts can then interact with those Highlights for seven days before they disappear form existence.

This gallery will give you a view into the app on Android which has already started rolling out to users. Next up will be the iOS app followed by the Windows and Mac desktop versions.


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