Fun with Skype - More Hidden Skype Messenger Icons

Fun with Skype - More Hidden Skype Messenger Icons

This post has zero to do with productivity or any kind of tip to help get you through the day but it does contain a little bit of fun with Skype.

As many of you may be aware Skype has an extensive list of visible, hidden and country flag icons that can be used in your Skype Messenger chats with your contacts.

These are commonly referred to as emoticons - short for Emotional Icons.

All of these emoticons can provide you a unique way to communicate a feeling or state of mind to your contact. Some can be typed with just one letter inside the mandatory parenthesis to tell the system you are entering an emoticon such as (y) and (n) for Yes and No. Others can require up to 13 characters (talktothehand) - this is the longest one I have found on the list  - and shows a smiley indicating your contact should of course, Talk to the Hand.

Today, thanks to a tip from a follower, we have learned about some other hidden icons in Skype and to be honest we are not exactly sure what the usage scenario is for these but they are there if you want to put them to use.

Skype Hidden Icons for Microsoft Software and Hardware

Just type the text above inside of parenthesis as it appears and it will place the icon into your messenger chat.

For example:

  • (Word)
  • (Excel)
  • (Onedrive)

Pay particular attention to capitalization as it can effect the result with some of these.

Like I said, not sure what the value added proposition is for these hidden icons in Skype Messenger, but if you find a use for them let us know.

Thanks to @OneNoteC and @samczsun for the tip.

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