Free eBook: Exploring What's New in SharePoint 2013

Free eBook: Exploring What's New in SharePoint 2013

Last week, I told you about a newly released tome for SharePoint 2013 administrators, the SharePoint 2013 Deployment Guide. Microsoft frequently releases documentation for its huge stack of products and it's great to see the company dedicating some cycles to including SharePoint. I've heard from some, that SharePoint is a simple product with a very simple intent, but there's a lot of depth to it they just don't understand. So, when valuable documentation comes along I always like to point them there so they can finally figure out what makes SharePoint so special and a valuable piece of technology.

So, the free, downloadable eBook I told you about last week, weighed in at 1,156 pages. That's huge, and really make sense considering how much technical product coverage is included. A new one released just recently called "Exploring What's New in SharePoint 2013" is not as hefty a read, but the information contained within is just as valuable. Filling out 207 pages this time, this is probably that one resource I'd love to point those SharePoint unbelievers to read. It truly covers all of what's new in SharePoint Server 2013, including such topics as…

  • Authentication and Identity Management
  • Business Connectivity
  • eDiscovery
  • Mobile Devices
  • Records management and compliance
  • BI and Visio Services
  • Social Computing
  • Workflow
  • Search
  • Differences between SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013

You can grab the free eBook here: Explore SharePoint 2013

It comes in all the important eBook formats including Epub, Mobi, and PDF, but is also provided as a Microsoft Word document.

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