Corporate Blogging

One of the new features found in Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 is the blog.  When personal blogging is enabled, each user’s personal My Site contains the ability to support a blog.  I'm often asked, why would we use a blog internally?  My response: "There are many ways a corporate organization can take advantage of blogs”.  Here's an example of one such use.  I was working with a customer whose CTO wanted to have his own place to publish articles anyone in the company could see.  This was a great opportunity for him to use his blog.  He could post new articles anytime he wished.  We also placed a Content Query Web Part on the IT Departmental site and displayed the most recent article posted, along with his picture.

The blog features provided “out-of-the-box” include a rich text editor, the ability to personalize your blog site, and an RSS feed.  Just as you can with any other SharePoint site, you can host any other content and sub-sites you wish.

Put some thought to it and I’m sure you can come up with some great uses for the blog in your corporate environment.

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