Build 2106: Hands On with Skype Bots


Today during the Build 2016 Day 1 Keynote bots were a big discussion item and you can already try out the concept behind these bots and their capabilities.

If you download the latest Skype update for Windows Desktop, Build, the Skype Bots announced in preview today will be available for your use.

They are also being provided for the iOS and Android versions of the Skype app today.

These bots are added to your Skype Contact List and then you interact with them just like you would with any other contact by asking them pertinent questions.

Since these are all search bots the interaction is very basic. Type in a search term and you will get sent back three results with that term in the story/title.

You can then click on the link in the chat window just like you would in a standard chat window to pull the link up in your default browser.

By the way, no need to be polite to the bot for your search results and say thanks, it will just search for that term and give you another set of results.

Check out the Skype Garage & Updates blog to learn more.


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