16 SharePoint Content Migration Questions You Need to Ask

16 SharePoint Content Migration Questions You Need to Ask

by Stacy Wilson

When you're making decisions about what content to migrate during a SharePoint migration, it's important to ask the right questions.

These 16 questions were designed to help you make decisions during content migration. (Also check out Stacy Wilson's main blog post "SharePoint Content Migration That Delivers ROI.")

What Gets Archive/Deleted?

  1. Is there a legal requirement to migrate/keep? What is that requirement?
  2. Does usage data demonstrate the content is being used regularly within the past 18 months?
  3. Does feedback from users demonstrate that content is valuable?
  4. Does records management policy dictate keeping the content on the live site (versus in an archive)?
  5. Do you believe this content is still necessary?

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What Do I Do With What Gets Migrated?

  1. Does the content meet accepted readability standards for online use?
  2. Has the content been reviewed/updated in the past 12 months?
  3. Is the content, to your knowledge, accurate?
  4. Is the content legally protected from change?
  5. Is the content being used for its intended purpose?

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Prioritize What Gets Migrated

  1. If there is an established legal deadline for this content, how soon is it and what drives the deadline?
  2. How many users will use the content?
  3. To what extent does the content support business processes?
  4. To what extent does the content help users do their jobs?
  5. To what extent is the content related to achieving corporate objectives?
  6. To what extent does the content affect the employee experience?

Stacy Wilson, ABC, Eloquor Consulting, helps companies communicate more effectively with employees in the digital workplace. Her specialty is supporting governance, usability and content improvement for digital workplaces/intranets, along with change communication for technology change such as ERP implementations. Connect with her at LinkedIn or on Twitter.

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