Bing Rewards Members: Get 100 GB of Free OneDrive Storage for One Year

Bing Rewards Members: Get 100 GB of Free OneDrive Storage for One Year

And it's (no longer) stackable over time

In the wake of last week's switchover from SkyDrive to OneDrive, Microsoft is offering users a number of incentives for using the revamped service. The latest example is an interesting offer for Bing Rewards members, who can get 100 GB of additional OneDrive storage for free for one year.

Noting that this is a $50 value, Microsoft explains how the deal works.

First, you need to be a Bing Rewards member.

"Bing Rewards provides its members with rewards across multiple Microsoft brands such as Xbox, Skype, Windows Phone and Windows Store," Bing Rewards senior marketing manager Alex Danskin writes. "Just like a frequent flyer program, you can earn credits by searching the web every day with Bing and then redeem them for great rewards including gift cards from top brands or donate your credits to a local school or charity of your choice. All you have to do is stay signed-in and keep searching with Bing."

You can find out more about this program at the Bing Rewards web site. (Or sign in to Bing and then choose "Rewards" from the pop-up menu that appears when you sign-in.)

You need 100 credits to get the 100 GB of OneDrive storage. You'll get 20 credits for just signing up, so after that you'll need to search with Bing, make your Bing your home page, or do other Bing-related activities. When you're up to 100 credits, head over to the Bing Rewards redeem page and select the OneDrive offer.

Or ... You can get 200 credits by using this link!

And here's a(nother) pretty amazing tip: If you have hundreds of Bing Rewards credits, you can extend the OneDrive offer out over however many of years. For example, if you redeem this reward twice, you'll get the storage for two years.

UPDATE: Microsoft contacted me overnight and noted that the ability to stack this offer was a mistake. They've since removed this ability.

The bad news? This offer isn't available everywhere and may be US-only. Don't shoot the messenger!

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