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Silly 'Release Windows 7 now' campaign

I’m not a big fan of bald-faced attention grabs like this silliness, but I am at least amused to discover that I’m “jones'n” for Windows 7 to be released … now. I guess it’s possible I said that. Maybe. But what I’m really “jones'n” for is a chance to actually provide feedback on a product that wasn’t cast in stone before testers got to it. Maybe Windows 8 will be that product. Windows 7, good as it is, is most certainly not.

Poe said that based on positive reviews of Windows 7 by Leo LaPorte, another Windows enthusiast who has advocated an early release of Windows 7 on his podcasts, and Paul Thurrott, who writes and maintains the popular SuperSite for Windows blog, he's "jones'n" for the software's release.

"Let's join together and get Microsoft to release Windows 7...enough with this Beta stuff," Poe wrote.

Or. Let’s not. Let’s campaign for more transparency at Microsoft and less Apple-like secrecy instead.

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