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Shuttle KPC Linux PC now available reports on an interesting new entry in the "ultra low cost PC" category:

What's cute, comes in a 6.4" high, 11" long, and 7.5" wide black box and runs Linux? That would be Shuttle Computers' KPC Shuttle.

This small-form factor PC doesn't have to stay black however. In what must be one of the most unusual customization options ever, the KPC comes with an application, MyKover, that lets you create your own panel-paper covers for your PC's walls. You can either use those provided by the company or make your own.

The KPC runs Foresight Linux 2.0. This is an innovative desktop Linux that's designed to show up the newest and best of the GNOME desktop. It is built from rPath Linux with its Conary package management system.

Given its goals, it won't surprise anyone to know that Foresight uses GNOME 2.22 and other latest model GNOME applications, such as the groupware program Evolution 2.22. The distribution, which uses the 2.6.23.Linux kernel, also includes the usual Linux desktop favorites such as OpenOffice, Firefox and the Pidgin IM client.

As for the KPC itself, it comes with either Intel Celeron 420, by default, or it can be upgraded to an Intel Pentium dual-core E4500 processor. It can run these chips from 533MHz to 1.8GHz. The system comes with 512MBs of RAM and can go up to 2GBs of RAM.

So I'm intrigued enough that I just ordered one. (I got the mid-level model--Pentium dual-core, but upgraded to 2 GB of RAM.) Should be interesting.

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