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SharePoint New and Improved Products, January 2013

SharePoint New and Improved Products, January 2013

SharePoint's ecosystem continues to provide creative solutions for SharePoint users. Here's just a small sampling of the action going on in the SharePoint space.


New and Improved Jan 2013 Metalogix logo_1

Move SharePoint Data to External Storage

Metalogix StoragePoint moves unstructured data from SharePoint content databases to external storage. It ships with a generic File System Adapter and can be used with any direct-attached or network-addressable storage platform through NTFS, CIFS, or NFS shares. StoragePoint encrypts externalized content at rest and in transit using up to 256-bit AES encryption. You can configure and monitor StoragePoint from Central Administration and set rules for where to store content based on access, age, version, and metadata. It’s transparent to end users and applications using SharePoint. To learn more, see the Metalogix website.


new and improved Jan 2013 accellion image_1

Store SharePoint Files in Mobile Devices

Accellion kitepoint lets users access files stored in SharePoint from their mobile devices. It also allows files to be shared with external users via a secure link, ensuring the integrity of the reference document, maintaining accountability, and avoiding the security risks associated with emailing sensitive content. kitepoint doesn't require a VPN; instead, users access SharePoint through a trusted kitepoint connection. User authentication, access control, and the content itself are managed within SharePoint. To learn more, see the Accellion website.


new and improved jan 2013 kodak2_1

Digitize Paper Documents for SharePoint

Kodak's Info Activate Solution helps you get data off of paper and into your business process workflow. Integrated with SharePoint, it lets users simultaneously digitize paper documents and initiate a business process with a single click. It offers the ability to customize workflows and business intelligence dashboards, capture metadata, and authenticate users in a uniform way. see the Kodak website for more information.


New and Improved Jan 2013 Idera screen shot_1

Free SharePoint Tool

Idera offers its free tool, SharePoint performance monitor. It watches SharePoint disk space and disk operation speed, monitors SharePoint performance in real time, and sends email alerts to notify you of issues. An at-a-glance graphical console lets you see what's going on. For more information, visit Idera's website.


New and Improved Jan 2013 Pingar logo_1

SharePoint Content Findability

Pingar Metadata Extractor for SharePoint automatically enters keywords for SharePoint content. It does automatic tagging with the goal of creating consistent metadata, making content more searchable. Pingar Metadata Extractor for SharePoint is based on proven Natural Language Processing ( NLP ) technology. This platform recognizes entities and keywords from documents without the need of prior training. The server can be installed on-premises or in the cloud, and scales to fit document volume. To learn more, see the Pingar website.

Caroline Marwitz edits and manages web content for SharePoint Pro and writes on SharePoint, Active Directory, security, and virtualization. Follow her on Twitter at SharePoint_Pro and carawitz

For more SharePoint product news, see Caroline's articles from spring 2011, summer 2012, and winter 2012.

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