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SharePoint Links of the Week, Feb. 22, 2013

SharePoint Links of the Week, Feb. 22, 2013

A lot going on in SharePoint, which is why we all love it so, right? As this Microsoft forum post shows, with SharePoint, the bad news is there are always problems. But the good news is, there's always someone ready to help you figure out what's wrong. And sometimes you figure out how to fix an issue all by yourself. 

More blog posts using fodder from the Forrester study about SharePoint being in its awkward, teenage years. This one latches on to the statistic that shows IT likes SharePoint more than the business side does: "For IT satisfaction it was 73%, for business it's 62%." Funny, the people I talk to at conferences are often from the business unit, not the IT department, and they're trying to get IT to implement SharePoint.

 SharePoint conference 2012 gangnam style
SharePoint conference 2012 Gangnam style

A post from the Microsoft SharePoint team about "following," a word that 7 or 10 years ago most of us only used in describing people who traipsed around after the Grateful Dead or other bands, or which news anchors used to describe a story they were monitoring. Now, of course, thanks to Twitter, and other social media, and SharePoint 2013, you can follow not only people but documents. The SharePoint Team describes why you'd want your coworkers to follow documents—and each other—in this post. 


A post and demo from the Microsoft SharePoint IT Pro blog about cross-site publishing in SharePoint 2013. This is actually a pretty cool feature. It lets you create and maintain content in one or more authoring site collections and publish this content across one or more publishing site collections.

 Cross-site PublishingSP 2013 cross site publishing

If you are still hopeful about becoming a SharePoint 2010 guru, and if your organization is cooperating in this by not moving to SharePoint 2013 for a while, you will definitely want to check out this amazing list of SharePoint 2010 Best Practices at the Microsoft TechNet site It covers all the boundaries, from installation and configuration to backup and recovery to best use cases, and more. Your only complaint about this may be that you didn't discover this sooner.


Caroline Marwitz edits and manages web content for SharePoint Pro and writes on SharePoint, Active Directory, security, and virtualization. Follow her on Twitter at SharePoint_Pro and carawitz.

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