SharePoint Links I Like: Star Date 6262013 Wednesday

SharePoint Links I Like: Star Date 6262013 Wednesday

Everyone's busy with SharePoint this week. (Unless you're on vacation or holiday, and then you shouldn't be reading this.) Now back to SharePoint....Here are some interesting links I found today while roaming the Internet.

Yammer Co-Founder Discusses Life with MS SharePoint
Just because Microsoft's Yammer strategy still slightly puzzles me doesn't mean I don't like Yammer. I've spoken to its cofounder Adam Pisoni twice, and each time I had the refreshing feeling I was talking to a human being, rather than a corporate robot "on-message." David F. Carr's article captures that nicely.

History--Before SharePoint 2013
In the tech world, we're always looking forward rather than back. So this graphic of SharePoint's roots is a nice reminder of how far we've come.

Test lab guides for SharePoint Server 2013
I watch SharePoint videos for tasks I'll never be called upon to do. Probably because I wasn't allowed to watch much TV as a kid (Gilligan's Island, Brady Bunch, and Star Trek were it). These Test Lab Guides include video overviews, which though a little dry, are helpful, like "Test Lab Guide: Configure intranet and team sites for SharePoint Server 2013."

SharePoint Intranet Examples Resource
I saw Richard Harbridge speak at SPTechCon and enjoyed his sessions greatly. Here he's gathered SharePoint intranet examples and other resources in a crisp, clean interface that's not annoying like some blogs and sites.

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