SharePoint Links I Like: Star Date 07192013 Friday

SharePoint Links I Like: Star Date 07192013 Friday

It's been a quiet week in SharePoint land. Well, for most of us. Here's what you missed because you were busy actually doing your job.

NSA Chief Leaks Info on Data Sharing Tech: It's SharePoint
"This will stop the SharePoint-bashing," said no one, ever. We aren't going to be SharePoint apologists. But placing blame on a software or platform is just fishing for an excuse.
"In what can be perceived as either a ringing endorsement of SharePoint's 'collaborative power', or a depressing admission that, yes, spooks use the same infuriating software as we do, NSA chief General Keith Alexander indicated recent leaks came from a sysadmin being given SharePoint privileges."

Description of the SharePoint Server 2013 cumulative update package (SharePoint server-package): June 26, 2013
Hotfixes, anyone?

Broken Content By Search Web Part
Because any technical blog post that ends in "Hurray!" is a happy read. Thanks, Cory Peters, for brightening our day.
No, this is not about football.

Out and About: New SharePoint Mobile Offerings

Okay, it was a slow week, SharePoint-wise.

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